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Alison Taylor

Alison Taylor is an established crime writer, award winner, and leading public figure in the North Wales children’s homes inquiries.


Alison Taylor has featured extensively in the media, including BBC Hard Talk, BBC One Show, Sky News, ITV Wales, S4C, BBC Radio 4 Crimescapes, and in all major UK newspapers.


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Books by Alison Taylor:


Simeon’s Bride - 1995 Hale, Penguin (UK), Bantam (USA)

In Guilty Night - 1996 Hale, Penguin (UK), Bantam (USA)

House of Women - 1998 Heinemann, Arrow (UK), Bantam (USA)

Unsafe Convictions - 1999 Heinemann, Arrow (UK)

Child’s Play - 2001 Heinemann, Arrow (UK)


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